A message from the Chairman of Navantia Australia

Navantia Australia has responded to the Australian Government’s Future Frigate tender, offering our F-5000 warship which is derived from the proven Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer.

Backed by 20 years’ service in the Royal Australian Navy and 30 years’ combined experience in Defence and
industry, I am certain Navantia Australia is the right partner to deliver the Government’s vision of a
sovereign and continuous naval shipbuilding enterprise.

I guarantee, if selected by the Government to build the Future Frigates, Navantia Australia will:
Deliver the most advanced and proven anti-submarine warfare capability meeting all the
requirements of the Navy in a ship that has the best general-purpose Destroyer capabilities.

Stop any further shipbuilding job losses in Adelaide as soon as the Government announces Navantia
Australia as its partner for the Future Frigate program.

Transition to a wholly Australian owned and operated company. In partnership with the
Government we will provide shareholding opportunities to industry, superannuation funds and everyday

Begin production of the first ship in 2020 by retaining the experienced workers transitioning from the
successful Air Warfare Destroyer program and backed by our existing supply chain of around 500 small
to medium sized enterprises.

Secure a sustainable sovereign naval shipbuilding enterprise with more than 80% Australian
Industry Capability across the F-5000 program.

Deliver schedule and cost certainty to the Government, Defence and Australian taxpayers. In
conjunction with our partners, we are delivering the Hobart Class under budget and ahead of schedule,
providing Navy with the most capable warships it has ever possessed.

Transfer all design and export rights to Australia for Navantia Australia’s F-5000, with all intellectual
property owned and managed in Australia.

Open export opportunities to the Australian naval shipbuilding industry. We are the only Future
Frigate tenderer downselected for both the United States and Canadian frigate programs, offering
Australia the opportunity to participate in the production of at least 35 ships.

Achieve unprecedented operational commonality across the Navy’s fleet, delivering significant cost
savings and efficiencies for the Government.

I am immensely proud of Navantia Australia’s F-5000 offering, which will be designed and built in Australia,
by Australians, for Australians.

Warren King
Chairman, Navantia Australia
Your Partner at Sea

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