www.indopacificexpo.com.auThe United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has recently awarded aerospace manufacturing company, Aerometals a seven-year contract for the company’s engine inlet barrier filter (EIBF) engine protection system. The program calls for an initial installation of the EIBF systems on U.S. Army Special Operations helicopters over the next five years. Follow-on orders for additional airframes are likely with the indefinite quantity contract with Aerometals.

The U.S. Army global special operations mission profile will benefit from the safety and efficiency enhancing turbine engine filtration system designed to protect the twin engine MH-60M airframes. These include protection from ingestion of sand, dirt and other debris that can cause turbine compressor erosion or damage and potential engine failure or loss of power margins. Additionally, the EIBF protects against salt nuclei ingestion while operating offshore or near salt laden environments. Aerometals development efforts also included extensive bird strike considerations as an enhancement to the overall safety and protection capabilities. Improved readiness, reliability and field support is aided with long-life filters and straightforward cleaning and replacement requirements.

When asked about the award, Aerometals company CEO and president, Ms. Lorie Symon commented, “We’re proud to partner with the U.S. military to protect them while they protect us. We continue to invest in capabilities of critical engine systems with turbine engine filtration that not only improves safety but also longevity by preventing damage.”

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