KADEX 2024 Banner 728x90Australian defence SME Alkath Group has partnered with Estonian water reuse technology company Spacedrip to combat the growing global water scarcity problem.

Spacedrip’s mobile technology allows the continuous reuse of grey water from showers, sinks and laundry as potable water in a closed-loop system. The first system was commissioned in Australia earlier this month, showcasing the potential for closed-loop water reuse in mines, remote communities and deployed defence personnel.

By joining forces with Spacedrip, Alkath Group Managing Director Phil Guy said his team could leverage world-leading Estonian technology as a springboard to address water scarcity issues. “Only half a per cent of the Earth’s water is useable freshwater, which means water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges facing the global population, and we are genuinely tackling it head-on. Through our partnership with Spacedrip, we’re focused on offering Australians an affordable and sustainable solution that secures water resources for the future,” said Guy.

The system, called Rapid, is housed in a 10-foot shipping container with advanced water treatment technologies, tanks and a bathroom. It can reuse up to 2,500 litres of greywater daily, providing enough potable water for up to 60 people. Furthermore, the technology is scalable and can be integrated into containers of various sizes, allowing for water reuse for larger communities of up to 600 people.

Jeromy Bendall, General Manager of Alkath Group company Global Defence Solutions (GDS), said Rapid was ‘a real game-changer’. “With its fast deployability and quick two-hour set-up time, Rapid is well-suited for use in communities affected by natural disasters such as fire, flood and storms. This system offers a solution for providing water access in remote areas where accessing daily personal water is a challenge.”

Incorporating an advanced membrane bioreactor and improved reverse osmosis technology, the Rapid system autonomously oversees water reuse processing through intelligent sensors and software. This ensures that the water quality surpasses Australia’s stringent regulatory standards.

Bendall said GDS would soon commence a local rigorous acceptance and evaluation process to ensure the product’s reliability and effectiveness in Australia’s extreme weather conditions. “In addition to assessing Rapid’s ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness, we aim to demonstrate to communities that now is the opportune time to consider this innovative technology as a viable solution for addressing water scarcity across our country.”

Guy said the partnership between the Alkath Group and Spacedrip reflects a strategic move that perfectly aligns with the Australian Government’s commitment to addressing water scarcity and promotes innovation for increased productivity. “By initiating local manufacturing swiftly, the collaboration is not only tackling current environmental challenges but also contributing to the nation’s revised long-term growth and investment objectives,” he said.

Spacedrip’s closed-loop reuse systems have been successfully deployed by the United States Army, utilised by NATO emergency contractors in Europe and selected by customers facing water scarcity challenges in various African and European countries, particularly in remote areas.


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