Rheinmetall has received a significant order in the USA in connection with a long-standing US Army program. The subsidiary American Rheinmetall Systems has signed a framework agreement with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace to support the Army’s Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) Program. The five-year frame contract could result in order intake valued in the double-digit million-dollar range for Rheinmetall. It enables the continued delivery of precision subsystems including high-definition image stabilised EO sensors (day cameras), weapon mounts and other critical assemblies to support the Army’s CROWS Program. American Rheinmetall Systems, Biddeford, ME, is a leader in the integration of next-generation intelligent systems for ground vehicles and ISR platforms.

CROWS systems allow Warfighters to remotely engage targets with precision fire while mobile or stationary, and in day or night conditions with its day camera, thermal camera and laser rangefinder. Kongsberg has supplied more than 23,000 CROWS systems to 26 nations worldwide over the course of 17 years. American Rheinmetall Systems has delivered supporting subsystems since 2008 while also completing thousands of repairs, overhauls and upgrades to fielded systems in that time.

“American Rheinmetall Systems is proud of our long-standing partnership with Kongsberg on the CROWS program. We look forward to continuing our best-in-class delivery of this critical technology to our Warfighters,” said Brad Hittle, President and CEO, American Rheinmetall Systems.

American Rheinmetall Systems not only designs and develops products and technologies that support today’s highest defence modernisation priorities but also offers the Army unique access to Rheinmetall’s global portfolio of next-generation electronic solutions and weapon capabilities including but not limited to Soldier systems, air defence solutions, simulation & training, integrated weapon systems with smart ammunition and fire control devices, surveillance systems as found in CROWS, and intelligent systems for vehicles. American Rheinmetall Systems is committed to providing the Army with innovative electronic solutions that are purposely aligned with current modular and open systems philosophies to accommodate growth as future technologies become available.

American Rheinmetall Systems is part of the American Rheinmetall family of U.S. companies including American Rheinmetall Munitions in Stafford, VA, American Rheinmetall Vehicles in Sterling Heights, MI, and U.S. corporate parent American Rheinmetall Defense in Reston, VA.

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