IODSAML3D  announced the signing of a 64-month lease that establishes AML3D’s US headquarters and manufacturing facility. The US hub is located within a manufacturing and industrial district at Stow, Ohio, that has excellent national and international transport links to allow AML3D to effectively support it US customer base. The US hub represents a new round of investment to support AML3D’s high growth US ‘Scale up’ strategy following the recent, successful $6.9 capital raising.

Since it was launched in 2023, AML3D’s US ‘Scale up’ strategy has delivered around $12.2 million of US defence sub-contracts that are being supported from the company’s Adelaide-based facilities. The demand for AML3D’s advanced manufacturing technology within the US is continuing to grow strongly, particularly within the Defence sector with an emphasis on supporting the US Navy’s submarine industrial base. The establishment of the US Hub is expected drive a significant increase in Defence contract wins and support an expansion into the US marine, oil and gas and aerospace sectors. AML3D is also planning to leverage the US hub to bid for ITAR and other US only controlled information defence contracts, that are restricted to US based manufacturers.

The US hub is based in a modern, ready to use, manufacturing facility including fabrication space, loading dock facilities and office space, which will require minimal capital to become fully operational. The US hub’s location not only allows ease of access to transport infrastructure to service US customers but also to the supporting industries and materials required for AML3D’s advanced manufacturing processes. The US hub is expected to be operational in Q1 FY25 and to be AML3D’s US corporate headquarters and base for the Company’s US direct sales, administration and technical teams, led by Pete Goumas, President & CEO of AML3D USA, Inc..

AML3D President & CEO of US Operations, Pete Goumas said: “Establishing our US manufacturing hub here, in northeast Ohio, is very exciting. We can be more responsive to our existing US customers, better positioned to win new customers and contracts and be directly plugged into the transformation of US sovereign manufacturing capability to additive manufacturing. I’ve already started building out our direct sales and technical support team members that will add firepower to our existing capabilities  and support our expected growth in US defence contract wins and opportunities to expand into additional defence, marine, aerospace and oil and gas sectors.”

AML3D CEO Sean Ebert said: “Since the launch of our US ‘Scale-up” strategy in 2023 we have been working towards establishing a US manufacturing hub. It is a key part of our growth strategy that creates the additional capacity to meet the surging demand for AML3D’s proprietary ARCEMY technology across the US Defence and also corporate sectors. We view the recent, and strongly supported, $6.9 million capital raise as a ringing endorsement of this growth strategy and our US manufacturing hub is a demonstration of continuing delivery of that strategy. Our Adelaide facilities have been critical in supporting our expansion into the US market, but as our US Hub comes online in the early part of FY25 it will help to free up capacity at our Adelaide facility to continue to pursue the Australian, Asian Pacific and European defence markets. We will in effect look to leverage our US playbook.”


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