Rhode IndoPac 728 90 leaderboardAML3D announced its ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) metal 3D printing system (ARCEMY X) at the US Navy’s Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (AM CoE) in Danville, Virginia is now commissioned and operational.

The A$1.1 million order was placed through AML3D’s value added reseller Philips Corporation, with payment made in stages, upon meeting delivery and installation milestones. The successful completion of the commissioning process triggers the final payment for the system, representing 50% of the order value.

The success of the US ‘Scale up’ strategy, which delivered over A$12 million of orders in 20231, is allowing AML3D to progress the establishment of US facilities to accelerate adoption of AML3D’s advanced additive manufacturing technologies across the US defence, federal and other corporate sectors. AML3D has a particular focus on the US Navy’s submarine industrial base and will be able to pursue more opportunities that are often restricted to companies with US based operations due to the sensitive nature of the projects

AML3D CEO Sean Ebert said, “We are extremely pleased to have a fully operational ARCEMY ‘X’, our largest industrial metal 3D printing system, at the US Navy’s Danville Center of Excellence. The successful commissioning of this system is a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of our US ‘Scale-up’ strategy, the benefits of having Phillips Corporation as a reseller partner to complement our US sales force, and very much supports exploring opportunities to establish US facilities. The US Department of Defense is working to rapidly adopt advanced manufacturing technologies to establish sovereign defence supply chains that are resilient, competitive and sustainable. The US Navy’s decision to install an ARCEMY X system at Danville demonstrates their confidence in AML3D’s advanced manufacturing technology and its ability to support the US Navy’s submarine industrial base. It is also a validation of AML3D’s strategic focus on delivering ARCEMY systems to the US maritime, federal and defence sectors.


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