APC Technology Lands New Contract to Supply Generators for Deployment Shelters.

APC Technology has signed a significant contract to supply generators for an international client. The generators will be custom designed and built to meet project-defined requirements, including MIL-SPEC-810G certification. The generators will be integrated into stand-alone deployable shelters for remote monitoring operations.

Scott Begbie, APC Technology’s Managing Director commented on the contract win, “We are extremely proud to have landed our first generator contract. Over the last six months APC Technology and APC Research have worked hard to demonstrate our capability and expertise in this new market space. We became the supplier of choice because we demonstrated our ability to design & manufacture to the client’s specific requirements and to meet expectations within the time line and budget”.

Key features include:-

• MIL-SPEC shock and vibration survivability to allow the unit to be operated on wheeled
platforms, allowing rapid deployment through harsh terrain.

• Capable of producing 50kVA even under high altitude and temperature conditions.

• Compact design compared to existing market options.

• MIL-STD-810G qualified unit ensuring it is able to withstand environmental conditions,
resistant to humidity, rain, salt spray and solar radiation.

• Unit supplies 3-phase 400VAC power, which can be varied to suit client requirements.

Peter Hodson, APC Technology’s Chairman further added, “At the inception of APC we supplied ruggedised panel PCs and displays to one industry sector. Our capabilities and services have expanded and now include a diverse client base across a range of industrial & defence markets. In the last 30 years we have worked on hundreds of projects developing a rich and diverse skill base which has enabled us to branch into new avenues of work.

This generator contract is another example of how we continue to grow and redefine our business through the exploration of new opportunities and proactively applying APC Technology’s proven expertise and skills.”

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