APDR March 2020: Self-propelled howitzers – best guess: Announcement this year

The operative word in the headline is “guess” because if anyone knows for sure they are not saying. The saga of purchasing 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzers has been around since the early 2000s and could almost be a made-for-television miniseries of hope, ambition, betrayal, treachery, high technology, expectations dashed, skulduggery, money, lethal force, intrigue, international repercussions, and – above all – mystery. The mystery in particular looks set to continue for at least the next few months.

The most recent public development was the announcement during the May 2019 election campaign by Prime Minister Scott Morrison of the acquisition of 30 Self-Propelled Howitzers plus 15 resupply vehicles. APDR believed – mistakenly as it turned out – that this was political short-hand for a Defence Smart Buyer initiative to purchase the…

Read more in the current issue of APDR (Free to read with registration or via Facebook/Linkedin): https://venturaapdr.partica.online/apdr/apdr-march-2020/features/self-propelled-howitzers-best-guess-announcement-this-year


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