APDR February 2020: Special Forces Light Helicopter – a variety of options available

There were two decisions of consequence for the Army aviation community in the 2016 Defence White Paper – guidance to replace the Tiger helicopter capability and the addition of new platforms in the shape of light helicopters for Special Forces operations. Both of these programs are proceeding in parallel – and there are some crossovers between the two, as there are several bidders common to both: Airbus; Bell; Boeing and Leonardo. Known as LAND 2097 Phase 4, this is for an extremely fast, agile, armed small helicopter that can support covert operations in a way that larger machines struggle to match.

The requirement is for at least 16 helicopters. In alphabetical order the expected bidders are:

Read more in the current issue of APDR (Free to read with registration or via Facebook/Linkedin): https://venturaapdr.partica.online/apdr/apdr-feb-2020/features/special-forces-light-helicopter-a-variety-of-options-available

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