SingaporeWe start by looking at some recent missile purchase announcements – but wait; haven’t we heard all of this before? Next, to the ALP conference and the implied insult that anyone who questions AUKUS is unpatriotic.

We dig into the chant that building nuclear-powered submarines will mean 20,000 highly paid union jobs – but in which century? It was always the case that the Collins class would be replaced by more submarines involving well-paid union jobs, just a matter of what those jobs would be and when they will become available.

Finally, we look at the cult-like thinking that is now deeply embedded in AUKUS and check whether it is about submarines or instead just a comforting return to the Anglosphere where other countries do the work for us.

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  1. Well done Kim, Another great Podcast. Mr’s Albanese, Marles and Conroy certainly did nothing to instil confidence that they know what they’re doing. I’m not surprised about the Spike contract taking around five years to reach fruition, it took about two years to acquire a commercially available off the shelf safety Beacon that was on Sale at BCF, so what hope have they of getting the sort of technological Weaponry the ADF needs to have to be a credible Force. As you say a good start would be looking elsewhere for the best equipment that meets Australia’s needs, Evaluating the costs and Australian Content, deciding to buy,sign the contract and just Telling the ADF hierarchy what they getting and as for AUKUS Blind Freddie can see that the acquisition of Virginia Class Subs is all about Politics and propping up U.S. Industry. Aside from the crewing issues the disposal of the spent Nuclear core should be the deal breaker. Australia needs capability now,not in ten years and if we don’t do something now , we better start learning Chinese.


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