extraordinary revelations from the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit into the Hunter class frigate program. Secretary of the Department of Defence, Greg Moriarty, accepts that the selected design was immature – and that he was misled by his own people about details of the evaluation.

Next let’s visualise what $1 billion looks like when stacked in $100 notes – it’s about an 18 cubic metre block.  Now imagine multiples of that being soaked with petrol and set on fire.  Figuratively, that’s what Defence is doing with the unnecessary replacement of Taipan helicopters with Blackhawks. We provide a few more relevant examples.

Finally, not re-opening our Embassy in Kiev and refusing to reveal details of VIP aircraft use – who can see the connection?

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  1. Another interesting Podcast, Politics obviously play a role in any Department but when it has gotten to the extent it has in the DoD it is absurd. You are absolutely on the money when saying Politicians (in every Party ) spend more time denigrating Their opponents than actually doing their job. The Abrams Tank decision is flawed, the Hunter Program is a disaster, the Apache purchase makes no sense and why are we buying SURTASS. Every decision made in the last six years has either been delayed until the items are obsolete, over budget until they’re to expensive or projected so far into the future that the decision makers will be long gone before that project blows up as well. If a Business was run like this it would be in the hands of the Receivers . As a side note, the rumour that the NH90’s will be literally buried is probably true, the powers that be can’t afford to sell them and have them prove to be a very capable platform, in your next podcast you might want to mention that the replacement for the Tiger ARH only has half the range and has problems of its own.


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