French military vehicle manufacturer Arquus Defense will partially reopen its production facilities this week, with plans to gradually open up all four of its production facilities in France.

In an announcement, the company says that priority will be given to “all essential programs”, beginning with production activities linked to the EBMR (Engin Blindé Multi-Rôle) Griffon 6×6 armoured truck program.

This will see its facility in Marolles-en-Hurepoix resume work manufacturing mechanical parts restarts in close concert with its Limoges plant, which is responsible for complete mobility kits for the Griffon.

This will be followed by activities restarting at Saint-Nazaire for the VT4 unarmoured utility vehicle, along with the resumption of sustainment activities on the French Army’s VAB 4×4 wheeled armoured vehicles at Garchizy.

According to the company, the resumption of production activities are taken in concert with health recommendations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. France, like several other countries in western Europe, has been hard hit by COVID-19, resulting in a strict lockdown enacted by the French government in an effort to stem the spread of the virus.

Formerly known as Renault Trucks Defense designs, Arquus produces and markets a complete range of tactical, logistics, armoured wheeled vehicles and drivelines capable to meet different needs of military forces.

In addition to the aforementioned vehicles, Arquus also manufactures the Sherpa family of 4×4 tactical and light armoured vehicles. In Australia Corrections Victoria’s Security and Emergency Services Group (SESG) uses two Mack badged vehicles manufactured by Volvo for high risk prisoner transport that can accommodate up to four prisoners.

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