ASC apprenticeship applications for 2019 spark strong interest

The highly anticipated and competitive annual apprenticeship intake at Australian
submarine builder and maintainer ASC has now opened for applications, offering the
opportunity to work on Australia’s front line submarines and work in Australia’s
booming naval shipbuilding sector in the years to come.

ASC will appoint approximately 12 new apprentices across electrical, fabrication
(welding) and mechanical trades from February next year at its South Australian and
Western Australian submarine sites. Applications close 26 August.

ASC Chief Executive Stuart Whiley said ASC’s next apprentice intake will gain a huge
range of experience across the four year program to 2023.

“This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in the future of Australian submarine
building and the expanding naval shipbuilding industry in Australia,” said Mr Whiley.
ASC is one of South Australia’s largest employers and most thorough trainers of
apprentices, currently employing 67 across its submarine maintenance and shipbuilding.
ASC apprenticeships are completed at a more than 95 per cent rate and lead to permanent,
full-time employment. ASC has experienced strong interest since the applications were
opened, with large engagement on social media and web platforms.

ASC is a recognised centre of excellence in trade training and innovation, recognised
regularly with awards from engineering, industry and trade organisations.

Apprentices can look forward to working on highly challenging assignments on
Australia’s operational submarines – among the most complex military equipment
currently maintained in Australia.

ASC, as part of improvements and innovations it implemented in submarine deep
maintenance in recent years, routinely cuts the hulls of submarines, removing large pieces
of equipment, including engines and motors, for refurbishment in specialist workshops.
The hulls are later re-welded to the highest quality standards.

ASC uses a range of welding techniques and runs a welding school at ASC North to
ensure its welders meet ASC’s very high quality standards, demanded by its work
with the high tensile, low carbon submarine hull steel.

The call for applications can be viewed here:
More media information: Jeremy Roberts, Senior Communications Adviser, (08) 8348 7990


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