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Members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) in South Australia unanimously issued a vote of no confidence in ASC CEO Stuart Whiley’s leadership. ASC workers have been on strike for almost a month over a pay dispute. The workers – based at the Osborne Naval Shipyard in Adelaide – rejected a pay offer from ASC earlier this month which they said was not equal to their counterparts in Western Australia.

In a statement issued Thursday, ASC said it “acknowledges the protected industrial action which is being undertaken by the AMWU, ETU and its members. ASC has presented an offer to the Unions and its members that would provide an average increase of 12% at the commencement of the agreement, with further opportunities for the employees to achieve additional increases through arbitration by the Fair Work Commission. If supported by the Fair Work Commission, this offer provides the opportunity for employees to achieve their wage position.

“ASC continues to negotiate with the Unions and their members despite their rejection of all reasonable offers made by ASC to end this dispute. The AMWU’s protected industrial action is not currently disrupting the availability of the Collins class submarines to the Royal Australian Navy, nor ASC’s work on Australia’s build and sustainment of conventionally armed, nuclear powered submarines.”

ASC has not threatened its workers with dismissal, the company said. “ASC is disappointed by the AMWU’s comments regarding its Chief Executive and Managing Director, which are not conducive to bargaining in good faith. The ASC’s CEO & Managing Director’s salary banding is set and governed by the Australian Remuneration Tribunal, which is independent of ASC.”

Stuart Whiley, Managing Director & CEO. ASC Pty Ltd, said: “I have complete trust in my Executive Team’s ability to undertake these negotiations with the AMWU. This is a normal and acceptable position for a large company such as ours. While I do not attend these negotiations, I am fully briefed on the outcomes and will continue to work collaboratively with the Executive Team towards achieving a mutually beneficial outcome for ASC, the AMWU and its members.”

Bruce Carter, Chairman, ASC Pty Ltd, said: “ASC has negotiated in good faith with the AMWU and its members. ASC’s CEO & Managing Director, Stuart Whiley has the complete confidence and support of the ASC Board in his handling of these negotiations and rejects this personal attack by the AMWU. ASC has adhered to the mandated negotiation process and has been open and proactive in its dealings with the Unions and their members.”


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