USE THIS ONEDefence and technology company ASELSAN has won the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency’s Fifth Annual Defense Innovation Challenge. ASELSAN has participated with two separate projects in the NCI Challenge along with many other projects from allied NATO countries aimed to improve distributed air surveillance radar data processing.

One of the solutions suggested by ASELSAN is an architecture, in which a module operates a local radar as an “AI Operator” with the intelligence gathered from other radars. Studies showed that the AI-Operator controls the radar in a very precise and quick manner that no human operator can do, hence significantly improving the performance of the radar in a selected network. The other solution of ASELSAN, “The A-Fact” fuses all information from different sources into a single air picture. The NATO radar network will be capable of working effectively and intelligently with the assistance of A-Fact even in a dense cluttered environment.

By winning the NCIA’s Innovation Challenge 2020, ASELSAN get a chance to put these systems into operational use for NATO’s collective security, through a competitive bid with the NCI Agency.


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