ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, a company of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, has been contracted by Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) for the design of a new acoustic Bow Array for the Australian Future Submarine Program (FSP).

At the end of 2016, the Commonwealth of Australia selected LMA as the Combat System Integrator (CSI) for the FSP. The FSP will deliver a fleet of 12 regionally superior Attack Class submarines, designed and built to provide Australia with enduring sovereignty over their operation and sustainment. LMA as the CSI is working as the Whole Combat System design authority to deliver a regionally superior combat system design.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s Bow Array design has been chosen by LMA through a competitive selection process. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK will be collaborating with its Sydney based Australian subsidiary SONARTECH ATLAS as a subcontractor for the design phase.

The design of the Bow Array will be developed in Bremen, Germany. It will be based on an existing ATLAS ELEKTRONIK solution, which has evolved over time in response to customer specifications and the latest technological developments. Critical design criteria include the improvement in material and acoustic properties to ensure that the Australian end customer’s demand for regional superiority is met.


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