Naval Group has signed a subcontract with Schneider Electric France for the design of the Main DC Switchboard for the Attack Class submarines.

The Main DC Switchboard controls and manages the distribution of power between the submarine’s diesel generators, batteries, main motor, and auxiliary power systems. Design of the switchboard will be undertaken as other aspects of the submarine’s design are developed to ensure capability requirements for the Attack Class are met.

The selection of Schneider Electric France to design the Main DC Switchboard recognises the company’s significant experience with submarine programs, including Australia’s Collins Class Submarine Program, as reflected in the number of sea-proven technologies it has delivered.

The engagement of Schneider Electric has been undertaken with the objectives of maximising Australian industry involvement in the Attack Class Submarine Program, and ensuring we continue to develop the sovereign capacity to build, operate and sustain our submarines in Australia.

Schneider Electric Australia, which already employs more than 4,000 Australians at seven plants, will play an important role as the capability for manufacturing, quality control, and factory acceptance testing is transferred to Australia. Schneider Electric Australia has a history of supporting Australia’s submarine capability including a service team in Perth dedicated to supporting the Collins submarine fleet. It will also become the design authority for sustainment of the Main DC Switchboards in the Attack Class Submarine fleet.

The wider Australian industry will also have the opportunity to supply components of the Main DC Switchboard for the Attack Class Submarine.

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