Exciting Singapore Aviation ShowAUKUS partners successfully demonstrated a trial of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomy under the Advanced Capabilities pillar (Pillar II). On 28 April, a delegation from the Australian Government joined counterparts from the United Kingdom and United States at the Upavon Airfield in the UK to observe the AI trial.

This is the first instance of jointly developed Australian, UK and US AI capability being deployed on coalition autonomous systems for an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission as part of Pillar II. The trial achieved several world firsts, including live retraining at the edge of models in flight, and the interchange and use of AI models on AUKUS nations’ uncrewed aerial vehicles.

AUKUS covers a wide range of defence and security interests, and involves technology sharing for the development of joint capabilities. The delivery of Advanced Capabilities such as AI and autonomy enables Australia to maintain collective multi-domain awareness, operate seamlessly with partners, and enhance peace, security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific. It demonstrates AUKUS partners’ contribution to a stable, peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific region, complementing our commitment to ASEAN and regional-led security architecture.

Deputy Secretary Strategy, Policy and Industry Group, Hugh Jeffrey, said: “As outlined in the Defence Strategic Review, this trial exemplified the determination of AUKUS partners to rapidly translate disruptive technologies into capability. Successful collaboration between AUKUS partners brings us ever closer to understanding how we rapidly field robust and trustworthy AI in complex and contested environments. In this trial, we demonstrated that AUKUS can deliver a capability that is greater than what any one country can do alone.”

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