Rina Warship Banner (728 x 90 px)The Australian government has placed a $30 million order with Queensland-based Craig International Ballistics for body armour that will be used by Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, including in combat and counter terrorism operations.

The contract, which will also create and sustain dozens of jobs, underscores the government’s commitment to supporting local small-and-medium enterprises and a future made in Australia. Craig International Ballistics, which has already supplied over 600,000 high quality Queensland-made body armour components for the ADF, will manufacture and deliver a new order of body armour components to help protect troops from moving threats like fragmentation, and low and high velocity rounds.

​Minister for Defence Industry, Pat Conroy said: “The Albanese Government is proud to be supporting Craig International Ballistics, a home-grown success story which employs hard-working Queenslanders, including Veterans, in their efforts to keep our troops safe. From peacekeeping operations through to conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Craig International Ballistics has been protecting Australian Defence Force personnel with their world-class body armour for almost two decades. This order with Craig International Ballistics is a prime example under the Defence Industry Development Strategy of how the Government is supporting our Sovereign Defence Industrial Base and a future made in Australia. Craig International Ballistics is a model for our nation’s robust, self-starting defence industry, which is an important part of our sovereign defence capability.”


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  1. Dear Sir / Madam


    I would like to respond to this. It is nice to see the Australian Government has acknowledged body Armour, afterall general Soldiering is a form of work and we have P.P.E in the work place.

    However, do you really feel around 12,000 to 15,000 is sets of armour is sufficient, when Australia currently fields 80,000 regular fighting men? Also we have many State Police to outfit.

    Is this just about token gesture?

    Do you feel $300,000,000.00 would be a bit closer for a first cut, Procurement?

    This $30,000,000.00 reminds me of Govs. Approach to our new ‘Rocket Force.’ Our new Abram’s M.B.T Tanks and out Princely 59 pieces of 155mm Artillery.

    But I am glad to see Gov. Is finally acting like Gov. However do we feel we can be a little more genuine and normal about Defence and Policing?

    Yous Sincerely and Kind Regards

    M. Turner

    Marc Turner.

    Mob: 0429 513 733
    Email: Marc.Turner64@outlook.com

    • I assume the logic of body armor is that not everyone needs it, just those who are in a combat zone. As for State police forces they all have their own budgets and make independent decisions about things such as weaponry and protective equipment.


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