Australian Engineers from Four Companies to Collaborate on Future Frigate 3D Modelling

Adelaide, 14 March 2018


44 highly-skilled Australian engineers and designers have commenced 3D Digital Model courses to develop electricity, structural and outfitting design activities to develop a naval design capability for complex ships. Designers from South Australian companies ASC and Cornell Design, as well as Victorian firm Invenio, will work alongside Navantia Australia employees as part of the program, which will grow Australian Industrial Capability.


“For the future growth of Australian defence industry, it is vital that we grow digital workforce skills, particularly in design, 3D modelling, and development of the digital twin,” said Navantia Australia’s Managing Director, Donato Martinez. “The training we are undertaking is an important part of the transfer of design technology and tools to Australia as part of building local design capability in our role as design manager of the Hobart Class.”


Navantia Australia will be providing a training program through which trainees will be taught to use the FORAN digital design software. FORAN is a fundamental tool used to create the 3D models and the digital twin, or ship zero, used in design and build phases. Through the use of FORAN, seamlessly integrated into our Business Management System, Navantia Australia is able to reduce costs and improve productivity in the design and construction of vessels.


“The program will provide the skills required for the future workforce to work on complex and highly-skilled naval projects,” said Mr Martinez. “We are proud to be working with local companies to upskill the future workforce and help build a thriving advanced manufacturing industry in Australia centred on continuous naval shipbuilding. This training program is a first for Navantia Australia and will involve both formal and workplace training components, representing a significant investment in developing the workforce capability.”


The training program will run over six months.

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