Australian Super Hornets kill Islamic State fighters in Iraq air strikes

AUSTRALIAN Super Hornets have bombed at least two Islamic State targets and killed an unspecified number of IS fighters in combat operations over Iraq.
The chief of joint operations Vice Admiral David Johnston said this morning that Australian aircraft had flown 43 sorties, stepping up operations in Iraq which allowed United States aircraft to intensify attacks on IS fighters Syria.

Up to two pairs of RAAF Super Hornets have been flying missions of 8-10 hours and have attacked targets at least twice, destroying IS equipment and killing a number of IS fighters.
“Air strikes have continued to have an impact on the ground,’’ Vice Admiral Johnston said. He said the attacks were likely to degrade IS fighters morale and confidence.
MAP of the coalition airstrikes

He said Australian special forces remained on standby to enter Iraq pending the finalisation of an agreement with the Iraqi government. But he was confident that was days away.
Vice Admiral Johnston also said IS was suffering heavy losses as it attempted to take the Syrian town of Kobane.
The US has stepped up air strikes on the town as IS intensifies its assault.

But Vice Admirmal Johnston said the outcome of the battle for the town, which is being defended by Kurdish fighters, “remains uncertain’’.


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