BAE selects Evoqua to supply Chloropac systems for RAN’s Anzac-class frigates

BAE Systems Australia has selected Evoqua Water Technologies to design and deliver the Chloropac system, which will be installed on Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Anzac-class frigates.

The Chloropac seawater electrochlorination system helps in preventing marine growth in seawater cooling systems.

Under the contract, Evoqua will deliver the Chloropac systems for installation on eight Anzac-class frigates of the RAN over the next six years.

“The modularly constructed Chloropac system allows it to be adapted into any configuration.”

Chloropac system is a validated mechanism which prevents biological and marine contamination for energy efficient, long-term plant operation.

This system produces a dilute, safe solution of sodium hypochlorite, which is directly infused into process water circuits.

It uses an advanced electrolyser technology that eliminates the need to purchase and handle harsh chemicals.

The modularly constructed Chloropac system allows it to be adapted into any configuration.

It is designed to give constant DC output that allows the maintainance of production at the precise level required.

The generating cells in the Chloropac system do not require back flush or periodic cleaning.

Evoqua has installed more than 2,500 Chloropac systems across the globe to date.

In May this year, the Australian Government signed a long-term open-ended sustainment contract for the Anzac-class frigates to ensure they remain capable, safe, environmentally compliant, and cost-effective until they are withdrawn from service.

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