BAE Systems Land 400 vehicle ready to go

Adelaide, South Australia: BAE Systems Australia is ready to demonstrate its solution to the Australian Army’s mounted combat reconnaissance requirements and its plans to manufacture in Australia.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Glynn Phillips said: “Our three test vehicles are built and ready to go for the Army’s 12 months of rigorous testing in the Risk Mitigation Activity stage of the tender evaluation later this year. We believe the AMV35 is technically superior to its rivals and is a value-for-money solution for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) which benefits the Australian economy through our commitment to manufacture in Australia.

“The fact that these vehicles are available now proves we have a low risk solution. We look forward to the Commonwealth’s announcement of the tenders who have been down selected for these trials, and trust that we will be among those with the chance to demonstrate the exceptional capabilities and benefits of the AMV35.”

BAE Systems Australia and the Finnish Patria have teamed to produce the AMV35 as their offer for Phase 2 of the Australian Army’s Land 400 Program.  The vehicle integrates the combat-proven CV9035 turret from BAE Systems Hägglunds onto a modern, agile, highly protected military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) Patria Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV).

If selected as the successful tender, the BAE Systems/Patria team will manufacture, assemble and support the AMV35 in Australia, with manufacturing, technology and intellectual capability transitioning to an Australian production line creating over 200 new Australian jobs. This will secure and retain in-country capability and contribute significantly to the Australian economy throughout the expected 30-plus year life of the vehicles.

The BAE Systems-led team is committed to ensuring a high level of Australian content and industry capability development. The decision to manufacture the vehicle in Australia assures that there will be opportunities for involvement and content for Australian suppliers.

The Patria AMV and BAE Systems Hägglunds’ CV9035 turret system are both qualified and in service with NATO nations.

The Patria AMV has been selected by seven nations with more than 1,400 contracted vehicles. The platform has attained a strong combat reputation, chiefly based on the strength of its operational performance with the Polish Army in Afghanistan.

The BAE Systems-Hägglunds manned turret system is fitted to the successful CV90 family of infantry fighting vehicles operated by seven nations. It has been used on UN and NATO missions across the globe, including Afghanistan. The unique features of the 35 mm turret provide the AMV35 with real battlefield advantage for Australian soldiers through game-changing levels of accuracy and weight of fire.

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