APDR NewsletterBAE Systems and GE announced a technical collaboration to explore next generation adaptive power management systems in the Combat Air domain.

“We’re proud to collaborate with BAE Systems to explore the next generation of Combat Air technologies building upon our existing relationship on the Tempest program,” said Joe Krisciunas, president of Electrical Power Systems for GE. “Adaptive power management allows more efficient use of existing and available electrical power. We’re working with BAES to demonstrate how this technology could enable increased operational capability to Combat Aircraft.”

GE has delivered electrical power demonstration equipment into the BAE Systems lab to start exploring how to adopt and use solid state power controllers. Adaptive and dynamic power management systems, utilizing solid state power controllers, enables the use of software to implement, modify and control aircraft utility power functions. There are further opportunities for a continued collaboration beyond this demonstration activity, subject to the current active tender process.

GE has been a major supplier to BAE Systems on Typhoon since its inception, providing cockpit displays and fuel system equipment from their Cheltenham facility in the UK. Since entry-into-service in 2004, some 680 aircraft have been sold to nine nations across the globe.

Leonardo, BAE Systems collaborate on Future Combat Air System

(IMAGE: Leonardo)

Leonardo and BAE Systems are actively progressing UK-Italy collaboration opportunities on the demonstrator aircraft as part of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme, in the framework of a cooperation path launched by Italy and the UK in the Defence sector. This approach allows the companies of the two countries to identify shared areas of collaboration and begin joint analysis on possible activities of shared interest, after the two companies reached a collaboration agreement within the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme. In the same context, lies an agreement between Leonardo’s Italian and UK electronics businesses and Elettronica SpA related to demonstration activities on advanced sensors and systems.

The FCAS program pursues the development of a technologically advanced multi-domain system of systems, underpinned by highly innovative and disruptive technologies, with a 6th generation core platform, and intended for the renewal of Eurofighter fleet. This ambitious project will allow participating countries to maintain national sovereignty in the Combat Air sector, while redesigning future operational and industrial capabilities in the aerospace sector.

The collaboration between Leonardo and BAE Systems focuses on the application of Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) design methodologies and the joint development of enabling technologies for the national sovereignty of the future system. These activities are the natural evolution of the innovation processes already initiated by the partner companies, and assume strategic importance as they explore a technological frontier not yet reached by European industry.

Furthermore, in line with this strategy, Leonardo’s Italian and UK electronics businesses and Elettronica SpA have agreed to collaborate in the domain of sensors and communications, aiming to support the technological development of the FCAS project, including demonstration activities related to future on-board electronics. This initiative will deepen the established collaboration of these companies at the international level, jointly defining the potential architecture for an integrated set of sensors and communications equipment with innovative capabilities and highly integrated features. 

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