The German Bundeswehr has contracted with Rheinmetall to supply 120mm mortar ammunition and modernise its mortar systems. Booked in 2021, the order represents gross volume of around 27 million euros in total. 

In the course of the modernisation, which is to be completed by 2023, Rheinmetall is upgrading the Bundeswehr’s 120mm mortars, which will enable them to fire new generation (NG) mortar rounds. This involves adding obturation rings to the tubes. As part of this order, Rheinmetall has already supplied the Bundeswehr with DM75 NG multispectral mortar rounds and DM56 NG infrared illumination mortar rounds in 2021. 

Rheinmetall possesses extensive expertise in the field of indirect fire, and offers a complete range of 120mm, 81mm and 60mm ammunition families. The Group’s also makes mortar fire control systems and mortars like the 120mm Ragnarök mortar weapon system and the innovative RSG60 60mm mortar, introduced as recently as 2019. The latest Bundeswehr order is a reminder of Rheinmetall’s role as a leading supplier of indirect fire systems.

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