CAE Australia partners with UNSW Sydney to support women in engineering and technology studies.

 CAE has awarded undergraduate student Natalie Jordanov the CAE Australia Pty Ltd Women in Engineering Scholarship in partnership with UNSW (University of New South Wales).

The scholarship is designed to support women pursuing careers in engineering and technology by providing financial assistance and industry mentorship opportunities. Through this scholarship, CAE will fund full-time undergraduate studies in Commerce/Computer Science for up to four years to enable the recipient to excel in their academic pursuits at UNSW.

“As a global partner in the defence industry, developing advanced training and simulation solutions, we are proud to support Natalie from the beginning of her academic journey in partnership with UNSW,” said Michael Demetrious, Manager, Engineering Indo-Pacific, CAE Australia Pty Ltd. “Statistically, women are underrepresented in the engineering, defence, and technology industry. We recognise the invaluable support that scholarships provide for students who are navigating their education and early career journey. By investing in talent and developing a more equitable community, we can foster an innovative, sustainable, and impactful future delivered by young professionals.”

“Partnerships with companies such as CAE are vital for our Women in Engineering Scholarship program at UNSW. They help us attract exceptional students and provide crucial mentoring support throughout their degree,” shares Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Deputy Dean (Education), UNSW Engineering. “These collaborations foster a strong connection between academia and industry, ensuring our graduates are well prepared to make significant contributions in engineering. Together, we shape a future where talented women thrive, bringing unique perspectives, and driving positive change.”

CAE is committed to providing practical solutions to help develop a highly skilled, diverse and inclusive next-generation workforce. Through initiatives like this scholarship, CAE can make a positive difference in student experiences, in STEM, and in the communities that it serves.

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