QueenslandHanwha Defense Australia announced an expanded partnership with CBG Systems as part of project LAND 8116 and Hanwha’s bid for LAND 400 Phase 3. CBG first joined Team Redback to support the LAND 400 Phase 3 Risk Mitigation Activity, and following a competitive selection process, has now secured a long-term role on LAND 8116 Protected Mobile Fires. This will extend to LAND 400 Phase 3 should Hanwha be selected as preferred tenderer. LAND 400 Phase 3 is an $18 to $27 billion project tasked to acquire a fleet of up to 450 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. LAND 8116 Phase 1 is a $0.9 billion to $1.3 billion project to acquire 30 self-propelled armoured artillery systems and 15 armoured resupply vehicles.

Team Redback is a group of companies led by Hanwha Defense Australia that will deliver best of breed technologies from Australia and around the world. Team Redback includes Electro Optic Systems, Elbit Land Systems, ECLIPS, Milspec Manufacturing, Bisalloy, Soucy International and CBG Systems. CBG Systems of Tasmania is using its Solar Sigma Shield advanced insulation technology to make the Redback and Huntsman hard to see or detect with radar providing a potentially decisive combat advantage against adversary detection and engagement systems. The Solar Sigma Shield technology will also assist in managing the thermal signature and other heat transfer properties on Hanwha Defense Australia’s technologically advanced Redback and Huntsman family of vehicles. 

“CBG Systems is proud to be part of Team Redback and excited to be contributing to what is a highly advanced and beautifully integrated solution for LAND 400 Phase 3,” said Javier Herbon, managing director of CBG Systems. “We are also excited to be working with Hanwha on Project LAND 8116. CBG’s patented fabric design provides signature management against visual, thermal, radar and ultraviolet detection, and thus provides a significant advantage and much greater safety in high threat environments. CBG’s insulation can decrease internal vehicle temperatures by up to 25℃, thus reducing heat stress on personnel and equipment in the harshest of climates,” Herbon said. 

“I am delighted to welcome CBG Systems permanently to Team Redback,” said Richard Cho, managing director of Hanwha Defense Australia. “CBG Systems are a highly respected Australian company and I believe the technology they offer can help us make the Redback  and even better vehicle in terms of soldier protection and comfort. I am very grateful for all their efforts so far both with the Redback and LAND 8116.” 

The Redback is a fifth-generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle equipped with seamlessly integrated sensor technology usually found on advanced jet fighters. Its rubber tracks reduce noise and vibration while offering superior ride quality for its crew and the soldiers it protects.  Hanwha Defense Australia publicly launched the Redback in Australia earlier this year before handing over vehicles to the Commonwealth for assessment as part of their Risk Mitigation Activity for project LAND 400 Phase 3.


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