Cobham welcomes Team Reaper® Australia growth

Avalon, Australia: Cobham Aviation Services welcomes General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI)’s announcement of the growth of Team Reaper® Australia as it prepares to develop and deliver Armed Remotely Piloted Aircraft System for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Cobham is the lead partner with GA-ASI in Team Reaper® Australia, the Australian industry consortium assembled by GA-ASI to deliver and support the Armed RPAS system under Project Air 7003 that was approved by the Australian Government in November 2018. Cobham and GA-ASI have collaborated on the introduction of Remotely Piloted Aircraft into Australia for more than 10 years in the lead up to this program.

Unveiled at Avalon 2017, Team Reaper® Australia in 2019 now comprises ten world-class companies. Team Reaper® Australia will continue to grow as it collaborates to develop, deliver and support Australia’s ISR capability.

Ryan Both, Cobham Australia Chief Executive said: “As an inaugural member and lead partner Cobham welcomes the Team Reaper® Australia expansion. We look forward to the next phase of collaboration as we continue to play a significant role in the delivery of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Capability for the ADF.”

Greg Bagwell Executive Vice President Business Development from Cobham PLC said: “Cobham currently supports the UK REAPER capability on operations and just last year was part of the GA-ASI team that brought the new UK Protector variant of the aircraft to the UK on the historic non-stop flight across the Atlantic.

“There are significant synergies in both a common aircraft type and through life support arrangements that will benefit both the RAF and RAAF. Cobham’s UK and Australian teams will work closely together to realise these through life synergy benefits.”

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