Australian companies have been shortlisted for the prestigious LAND FORCES 2022 Innovation Awards, which include cash awards with a total value of $30,000. The awards are sponsored this year by Australian innovation and professional services consultancy Synergy Group.

Among the shortlisted contenders are a company that has already deployed smart surveillance equipment to counter poachers in African wildlife parks, a company that manufactures solid rocket propellant that can withstand the pressures and speeds demanded of hypersonic flight, and a company that has worked out how to handle, examine and then disarm suspect ammunition without exposing humans to danger.

The winners will be announced and will receive their awards in the LAND FORCES Hub 1 presentation room, 1400-1500, Tuesday 4 October, during the LAND FORCES 2022 International Land Defence Exposition at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC).  The awards are:

  • LAND FORCES 2022 National Innovation Award
  • LAND FORCES 2022 SME Innovation Award (including a $15,000 cash award)
  • LAND FORCES 2022 Young Innovator Award (including a $15,000 cash award)

In addition, at the judges’ discretion, strong entries that didn’t win but are considered deserving could receive a High Commendation. All award winners and those who are Highly Commended will receive a trophy, while the winners of the SME Innovation Award and the Young Innovator Award will also receive cheques for $15,000 each. Some 20 entries for the Innovation Awards will be showcased at the LAND FORCES 2022 International Land Defence Exposition, the premier defence exposition in the region.

LAND FORCES 2022 organiser AMDA Foundation launched the Innovation Awards ten years ago to recognise and reward local companies and individuals at the forefront of innovation. Since they were first presented in 2013, AMDA has presented Young Innovator and SME Innovation Awards to a total value of more than $455,000.

The awards go to AMDA Foundation’s mission of promoting the development and growth of Australia’s industry capabilities in the fields of aviation, space, aerospace, defence, maritime and security.

The Innovation Awards anticipated by several years the government’s emphasis on establishing a strong, robust, innovative high technology defence and advanced manufacturing sector to help grow Australia’s economy and national security.

“These awards underline the innovativeness of Australian companies and individuals, as well as the growing need for ‘smart’, innovative solutions to emerging operational challenges,” said Justin Giddings, Chief Executive of AMDA Foundation Limited. “We continually see smart Australian companies and researchers develop new technologies for their customers, both here in Australia and in export markets. This reflects well on both Australian industry and an emerging Australian innovation environment that ensures Australian R&D is being commercialised as products and services which strengthen both our industry and Army’s capability.”

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