Contract awarded for anti-ship missile decoys

The Department of Defence announced on October 1 that the design of the next generation of anti-ship missile decoys is set to commence following the signing of two contracts between Defence and BAE Systems Australia Pty Ltd.

Defence Materiel Organisation Chief Executive Officer Warren King said the contracts represented continued investment in the jointly developed Australian—United States Nulka capability.

“These contracts support both the acquisition of Nulka decoys and the engineering design of the next generation of shipboard Nulka launch systems for the Royal Australian Navy,” he said.

Valued at approximately $80 million in total, the contracts will see Nulka decoys delivered to the Royal Australian Navy and the United States Navy until early 2017, as part of the latest follow-on Nulka production order and the engineering design of the next generation of Nulka launch system.

“The Nulka decoy relies on a strong Australian supply chain and supports high-tech manufacturing in regional centres through the involvement of suppliers,” Mr King said

“These contracts will ensure the development of technical solutions in support of ongoing Nulka capability for the Navy and integration of the system onto both current and future Navy platforms.”

The Nulka decoy system is a ship-launched rocket-propelled active decoy system designed to lure anti-ship missiles away from their intended target.

It provides warships with a highly effective all-weather defence against anti-ship missiles, bringing together hovering rocket, autonomous system and electronic technologies.

By 2019 the Nulka system will be fitted to 166 ships worldwide, including US, Canadian and Australian naval vessels.


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