Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Missile Defense Project has released a new report, Putin’s Missile War: Russia’s Strike Campaign in Ukraine.

Russia’s missile campaign against Ukraine has severely underperformed expectations. In the invasion’s early days, Russia underestimated the necessary scale and effort of its missile campaign. Since then, Russia has changed course multiple times, most recently moving to target Ukrainian electrical grid and civilian infrastructure during the winter months.

Russia’s haphazard missile campaign reflects both internal strategic failures and Ukraine’s critical forward thinking in the days prior to the invasion. Early Russian failures also gave time for Ukraine to develop its air defence strategy and capabilities which have only grown in effectiveness, thanks in large part to Western aid. This report provides an in-depth review of these and related “missile war” dynamics.

Read the full report here.

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    • I have reluctantly let this one through in the interests of free speech. McGregor is a well known apologist for Russia, making regular appearances on RT and Fox “News”. At least in the west we are entitled to hear different views about the conflict, unlike in Russia itself, where referring to it as a war rather than a “special military operation” gets you an automatic 15 year jail sentence.


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