Defence awards contract to Lockheed Martin Australia for centralised processing services


Defence has signed an $800 million contract with Lockheed Martin Australia for the provision of centralised processing services.

Defence and Lockheed Martin Australia will partner to deliver the transformed centralised processing environment which will meet Defence capability requirements to 2022.

Defence Chief Information Officer, Dr Peter Lawrence, said the project would consolidate infrastructure and applications, improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of data centre delivery in Defence.

“Centralised processing will deliver a smaller number of more reliable and resilient data centres, from within 280 data centres to 11 domestically and three internationally,” he said.

“It will improve the availability, reliability and security of Defence’s computer processing capability.

“The partnership will deliver Defence with a robust and secure technology environment, while creating greater efficiencies; simplifying our service provision and speeding up our response to change.”

Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President of Information Systems and Global Solutions, Ms Sondra Barbour, said the Corporation was honoured to have the opportunity to partner with Defence to transform its centralised processing environment.

“In Australia, we’re developing an increasingly strong footprint in our information systems business,” she said.

“Not only are we applying extensive experience earned from over 20 years as the U.S. Government’s number one information technology provider, we are also leveraging the outstanding knowledge of our growing team here in Australia to further advance our capabilities across the wider corporation.”

Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive, Mr Raydon Gates, said: “In leveraging the work we do for all our customers, Lockheed Martin Australia will partner with Defence to deliver effective and efficient information technology infrastructure and services critical to supporting Defence business and military operations.”


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