The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is rolling out a range of purpose-designed combat rations to better serve the needs of the ADF and improve combatant effectiveness in the field.

Head Land Systems, Major General Andrew Bottrell announced the awarding of the Combat Rations Pack contract to New Zealand-based Prepack Ltd, a proven supplier with over a decade’s experience in supplying high-quality ration packs to the ADF.

The new contract, valued at over $200 million, will enable the ADF to roll out a range of Combat Ration Packs (CRP) over the next eight years. The ration packs are used by Australian troops deployed overseas, on exercise or domestic operations in Australia.

In addition to the new Combat Ration Packs, there will also be a Universal Ration Pack (URP) which offers a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free option for cadets and potentially civilians.

Continuous innovation will be undertaken by Defence’s industry partner to facilitate the development of new products for introduction into our ration packs.

Major General Bottrell said the contract would include for the first time, meal options to support the diverse cultural and religious needs of our modern Defence Force.

“Defence is committed to encouraging inclusivity and diversity, and these new Combat Rations support the varied cultural and religious needs of our modern Defence Force,” Major General Bottrell said.

“When deployed or on exercise, our personnel are generally living in austere and high-stress environments while undertaking significant physical activity. These new ration packs play a vital role in maintaining the dietary requirements and morale of the deployed force.

“The Australian Army Cadets have specially designed ration packs which include dairy, gluten and nut-free. These are known as Universal Ration Packs, as they may also be used to support the Australian community during disaster relief or humanitarian aid assistance.

“The growing range of innovative products in the Combat Ration Packs will support an advanced force for success on the battlefield.”

Defence orders approximately 400,000 ration packs per year.

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