Australian cyber security company Dekko Secure announced Tuesday (7 July) the launch of its military-grade secure video conferencing system called DekkoLYNX. The company said DekkoLYNX offers a video-chat solution that ensures confidential and sensitive discussions are fully protected and can’t be intercepted. The company is offering DekkoLYNX with a limited free trial that anyone can use. DekkoLYNX is web-based, end-to-end encrypted and does not require app installation or complex management and infrastructure, the company said.

(PHOTO: Dekko Secure)

Every message, document and communication passed through the Dekko platform is secured with multiple layers of encryption and can only be read, seen or heard by the sender and the receiver. No information on the server or in transit can be used to decrypt and read the data. Even the creators of Dekko and administrators of a system using Dekko Secure cannot see users data, since the user’s password is itself encrypted. A minimum of three layers of encryption are used at all times, on all secured objects. Every communication has its own key.

Jacqui Nelson, CEO, Dekko Secure. (PHOTO: Dekko Secure)

“There is widespread knowledge of the security gaps in current videoconferencing, given the global rise in working from home during COVID-19,” said Jacqui Nelson, CEO, Dekko Secure. “Being assured that your sensitive and confidential video chats are protected from unwanted eyes and ears is essential for governments, law enforcers, medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, journalists, board of directors, teachers, business professionals and many others regardless of whether they’re working remotely or need to collaborate across geographies. DekkoLYNX has been in beta testing with a state law enforcement agency and a federal government department. It fills an important gap in security for sharing and communicating on sensitive ideas and information. During the pandemic we’ve seen governments around the world scramble, such as in the UK to ensure their cabinet meetings held over unsecure platforms are not breached. And we’ve seen journalists from rival newspapers stealing the scoop by easily flouting the weaknesses of existing technology. If your information is worth stealing, then it is worth protecting.”

DekkoLYNX has undergone comprehensive independent testing to assure customers of its military-grade security. Enex TestLab’s highly regarded, senior security test team lead, Kayne Naughton says. “It’s been excellent to work with Dekko on the security of their platform. They’ve developed a system that has been designed from the ground up to secure customer data. It’s very reassuring for prospective customers to have the Dekko security implementation details and independent reports public on their website rather than just saying trust us.”

Demand for global video conferencing is exploding, with more than 600-plus million videoconferences happening every day and the average video conference meeting lasting anywhere from 31 to 60 minutes. The video conferencing software market size is expected to be worth more than $50 billion by 2026.

DekkoLYNX is offering a limited free trial of the product on sign-up. The micro package for professionals costs $20.99 a month for an individual user with end-to-end encrypted HD meetings, data sovereignty, meet with anyone capabilities and scheduling ability.  The small business package at $27.99 per month provides all features plus additional enhanced support, branding functionality and centralised billing. The corporate package costs $37.99 per month for all features plus single sign-on and premium support. There are also customised solutions on application for enterprise and government, with IRAP-assessed hosting and full HD meetings.

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