Australian predictive maintenance company Dingo has announced the appointment of Ron Parrello as managing director to lead the newly formed Dingo Defence division. “I am excited about the opportunity to lead Dingo Defence to the forefront of predictive maintenance solutions for Defence and defence industry,” said Parrello. “As an ex-soldier, I am committed to ensuring that our military personnel have the best performing equipment to use on operations.”

Parrello has spent the past 10 years at Rheinmetall Defence Australia in management and program roles where he led defence support contracts in Australia and New Zealand. Among Dingo Defence’s key priorities will be to engage with Army to demonstrate Trakka on vehicles involved in the Protected Mobility Integrated Capability Assurance Program (PMICA). Dingo’s predictive maintenance technology is an enabler of the Enhanced Platform Systems Integration area of focus of PMICA and is a significant enhancement over the Vehicle Health and Usage Monitoring Systems installed on Army’s current fleets. Trakka is Dingo’s powerful cloud-based predictive maintenance system designed to house comprehensive asset health data, and drive industry-leading system predictability, productivity and performance while reducing maintenance, sustainment, and personnel costs.

“The Australian Defence Force is a critical part of protecting our nation’s future, and now more than ever technology is at the centre of advanced military capability,” said Paul Higgins, CEO of Dingo. “Defence have indicated that they see significant potential value in applying Dingo’s deep mining asset health expertise to their large equipment fleets across the services.” The company’s greater emphasis on the defence sector will be evident almost immediately with Dingo Defence to have its own stand at the Land Forces Exposition to be held in Brisbane in June, where they will leverage the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of Trakka and its use with military equipment.


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