MilCIS 2024 728x90Downer Professional Services announced it has elevated its strategic partnership with Australian digital engineering software scale-up, Kompozition, to better support the continued delivery of transformative Mission Engineering solutions across Defence.

Underpinned by Digital Engineering, Mission Engineering promotes data-driven decision-making, iterative enhancements and end-to-end traceability, while helping to identify minimum viable capabilities to fulfil mission requirements.

The Kompozition platform, a sovereign digital Mission Engineering tool, brings the significant and strategic benefit of rapid user adoption due to its user-friendly interface, rapid modelling capabilities, and ability to integrate with other digital engineering tools.

This Platinum partnership marks an exciting milestone for Downer Professional Services’ new Mission Engineering Practice, establishing Downer Professional Services as Kompozition’s training delivery partner.

Downer Professional Services’ Head of Mission Engineering and Practice lead, Rachel Hatton says: “Our partnership with Kompozition is evidence of our shared commitment to advancing Mission Engineering capabilities, addressing challenges and delivering impactful outcomes for Defence. We are excited about the unique value that the Kompozition platform brings to the current and future Defence digital engineering ecosystem and the potential of this collaboration in contributing to Australia’s sovereign Defence capabilities.”

Michael Ninness, Founder and CEO at Kompozition says: “Kompozition is proud to support Downer in using our platform to not only capture and connect systemic knowledge, but also to connect the people and organisations developing and using that knowledge; the subject matter experts, the decision-makers, the beneficiaries, and the enablers working together to design and deliver systems that are fit for service and mission.”

Mission Engineering – a methodology that seeks to align Defence’s capabilities with specific Defence mission objectives – represents a dynamic alternative to traditional approaches, emphasising agility, timeliness, and alignment with Australia’s strategic priorities. While  Mission Engineering is technology agnostic, Defence capabilities now rely on digital solutions for precision and efficiency in response to increasing complexity. These tools enable quick adaptation through advanced simulations, scenario analysis, and rapid prototyping, ensuring swift and relevant mission outcomes, and saving time and money.

Already, Downer Professional Services and Kompozition have demonstrated the unique value of the partnership, officially launching their training delivery collaboration in late 2023. This first of many co-delivered training sessions brought together attendees from Defence, Industry and Downer Professional Services as part of a Mission Engineering skills uplift.

Conway Kosi, Managing Director of Downer Professional Services says: “This training partnership represents an important step in advancing our commitment to uplifting workforce skills in Defence and Defence Industry for a more integrated and focused Defence Force. As we continue to grow our Mission Engineering Practice, we’re pleased to partner with organisations like Kompozition to continue to deliver truly sovereign solutions to Defence.”

In addition to training, Downer Professional Services’ partnership with Kompozition has already been marked by a series of successful endeavours, including a Defence Pilot Program that demonstrated the transformative impact Mission Engineering will have on Defence force design, capability development and sustainment.


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