Elbit Systems Ltd announced on 15 July that the company continues to strengthen its leadership position as a major player in the area of laser systems. With a proven 30-year track record in lasers, the company plans to stay ahead of the field with its innovative laser technologies, which are the basis for an advanced line of high performance systems.

The demand for laser-based defense systems is growing for a number of reasons, primarily due to the very high level of accuracy resulting in point target hits and minimal collateral damage.

The emergence of micro-payloads for micro and mini-UAS has created a large market demand for very small laser designators with targeting capabilities equal to those of much larger systems.

To meet this need, Elbit Systems Electro-optics Elop has developed Rattler A, a miniature, coded laser developed especially for the requirements of the modern battle field for SWAP – Size, Weight and Power. Rattler provides all of the parameters that a military designator system needs, such as full performance in harsh environments and designation for all laser guided munitions.

Elbit says that Rattler A provides observation payloads with full targeting capabilities, enabling designation and coded illumination.

Designed to be easily fitted into the smallest available payload (~ 5″ diameter), Rattler A is extremely compact and lightweight, with an exceptionally small form factor. Its cutting edge diode-pumped technology and a-thermal design provide a unique, cost-effective-solution. It can be easily offered in single or multiple LRU configurations.

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