EOS Defence Systems personnel have completed two weeks training on the operation and maintenance of the Northrop Grumman Mk44S 30mm x 173 cannon. This cannon is used on a number of EOS products, including the R800 Remote Weapon Station and the T2000 turret. CEO for EOS Defence Systems Grant Sanderson said, “this training is another key part of EOS’ sovereign capability in weapon system design. It gives our trainers and maintainers a depth of knowledge critical to the overall operation of our systems.”

The Mk44S Bushmaster Chain Gun is an auto-cannon that is electrically-operated and unlike gas-operated cannons, weapon recoil is not needed to cycle the weapon or clear stoppages. The Mk44S is used by 19 nations and 34 users – including the US, the UK and in our region; Singapore and South Korea. Ammunition interoperability with US and other partners, supply chain security and operational flexibility is assured as ammunition is available from several US and European providers.

EOS Instructor and former RAAC Warrant Officer Class 2 Andrew Harvey said, “the Mk44S has greater fire power than the M242 25mm and significant additional capabilities such as programmable rounds and the ability to upgrade to the 40mm Supershot system.”

Every Mk44S is fitted with a breach-mounted fuse setter meaning any weapon platform can fire programmable airburst munitions, such as programmable air-burst munition (PABM) for suppressing dug-in and fortified positions and the proximity fused rounds for engaging UAS and helicopters. The upgrade to 40mm Supershot is accomplished with the exchange of three mechanical parts and the reprogramming of the fire control system. This upgrade provides increased firepower without the need to integrate a new cannon.

EOS Instructor and former Regimental Artificer Sergeant Major of 2nd Cavalry Regiment and Armourer Paul Gibbs said, “the Mk44S is basically a bigger version of the M242 25mm cannon that equips the ASLAV. It is easy to maintain and reliable to operate, and would build on existing training and maintenance systems and expertise if selected by the Australian Army.”

Sanderson added that “EOS is a larger buyer of Northrop Grumman cannons having delivered over 700 to our customers in recent years with more on order. We are receiving excellent support from them for a significant number of programs around the world. This training gives our team a far greater understanding of how the cannon should be operated and maintained to best effect.”


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