Singapore Aviation ShowElectro Optic Systems (EOS) has launched its Australian made counter-drone capability, named the “Slinger”, at its manufacturing facility in Canberra. Assistant Minister for Defence Matt Thistlethwaite, who officially launched the innovative local technology, said that he continued to be impressed by the world-leading capability of Australia’s defence industry.

Executive Vice President of EOS Defence Systems Matt Jones said EOS was excited to launch the Slinger in response to growing international demand for advanced counter-drone technologies. “This is a big day for Australia, the Slinger is a cutting-edge capability that demonstrates Australian innovation can lead the world in response to global security needs”, said Jones. “We have applied the hard-won lessons from the battlefields, including Ukraine, to our Slinger system, ensuring it will give real edge to those looking to hit back against the growing threat of drones.”

The Slinger incorporates a radar, a 30mm cannon with specifically designed ammunition, and EOS’ proprietary stabilisation and pointing technology for counter-drone operations. It can track and discriminately engage moving drones at a range of more than 800 metres, with unique ammunition making it suitable for use in built-up environments. The Slinger has been designed and developed in Australia specifically for export markets, with a focus on addressing contemporary and emerging threats based on lessons learned in recent conflicts, such as Ukraine.

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