Asian Press Group banner 728x90Electro Optic Systems announced that its Defence Systems business has secured a contract to supply its Slinger counter-drone system to Diehl Defence in Germany. The systems will be integrated by Diehl Defence onto a lightweight 4×4 platform, providing a defensive capability to protect critical assets from drone attacks.

Dr Andreas Schwer, Chief Executive Officer for EOS, said, “The contract with Diehl Defence represents yet another key milestone in the global success story of our Slinger counter-drone system, launched in early 2023.  Born from EOS innovation, with proprietary tracking technology, and shaped by real-world combat experiences, Slinger continues to evolve, drawing on ongoing lessons from the field. This contract is a testament to its growing relevance and effectiveness in today’s rapidly changing defence landscape.”

The contract includes the provision of systems, spares, training and related services and is valued at 9 million euros (approximately A$15 million). The systems are expected to be delivered in 2024, in accordance with agreed milestones and other customary terms. The contract is subject to export approval by the Australian government. In performing this contract, EOS will draw upon a support network and supply chain consisting of over one hundred suppliers located across Australia, and others internationally.

The EOS Slinger counter-drone system was developed to track and engage moving drones at a range of more than 800 metres, depending on the weapon configuration used. It can incorporate unique ammunition making it suitable for built up environments, and includes a radar system, a range of weapon configurations and EOS’ proprietary stabilisation and pointing technology. Slinger was designed and developed in Australia specifically for export markets, with a focus on addressing contemporary and emerging threats based on lessons learned in recent conflicts. EOS proprietary stabilisation and pointing technology was developed over thirty years to provide world-leading accuracy, which is critical for effective counter-drone applications.


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  1. I find it incomprehensible that an Australian Defence Company can manage to sell its products to European companies and militaries but not to the ADF. EOS Showed amazing foresight it developing the Slinger for export markets. The record of the DoD and CASG in evaluating and purchasing any capability built in Australia is not something to be proud of.

    • Totally agree. If we had to deploy to an area such as Ukraine, Australian forces would be destroyed by swarming drone attacks. They wouldn’t last an hour in the field.

  2. Meanwhile the ADF thinks training eagles to attack drones is the way to go.
    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious.

  3. It will be interesting to see what the May budget delivers, listening to the PM he is going to solve the problem with big dollars. I bet we don’t see this amazing world class piece of equipment being ordered. The Wedgies have got the problem solved.
    When is the next election.


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