Avalon 2023Exail and Mission Systems Pty Ltd, an Australian SME with a strong R&D focus, have entered into a technological partnership in the field of mine countermeasures (MCM).

Mission Systems technology will be implemented in Exail’s MCM solutions including within the framework of the SEA 1905 Mine Countermeasures Program. The collaboration will mainly centre around two themes: sonar simulation and machine learning.

It will enable Exail to fit its maritime drones with advanced technology from Mission Systems, providing navies with the next generation of autonomous solutions. Exail teams have already started to integrate Mission Systems technology in its drone mission management software UMISOFT in its DM (Data Management) module.

Future areas of collaboration could extend outside of MCM, to other military applications such as Military Survey and Seabed Warfare as well as maritime civil applications.

“The Mission Systems team are very excited to be working with Exail. We look forward to bringing our unique real-time mission simulation and accelerated machine learning technologies to support the development of Exail’s naval drones and we are especially excited about the prospect of supplying advanced technologies to the Australian Navy and allied navies around the world,” said David Battle, co-director of Mission Systems Pty Ltd.

“We are delighted to be integrating Mission Systems technology in our drone management systems. Their solutions for advanced simulation and for machine learning will enable us to offer our customers improved performance and faster mission times, while reducing operator workload.” Sébastien Tauvry, Marine Data Processing Product Manager, Exail.

Mission Systems is one of a number of Australian partners that Exail is collaborating with and supporting. Others include universities, research organisations and local industries. Exail has recently established technological partnerships with Australian companies UGL, Acacia Systems, Solutions from Silicon (SfS) and Total Marine Technology (TMT).

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