FLIR Systems said it has released an upgrade of the Star SAFIRE 380X hardware, firmware and software to support advanced image-aiding features for its globally deployed Star SAFIRE gimbal systems, including Star SAFIRE 380-HD and 380-HDc.

FLIR Star SAFIRE systems are fielded on fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and used for a wide range of military, search and rescue, border and coastal surveillance, and airborne law enforcement applications. The 380X upgrade reduces operator workload for better decision support. It features customisable configurations for multi-tile video management and visual user interface, as well as touchscreen and streaming tablet support.

The new 380X technology provides operators with:

  • Better Clarity: Operators can see more details with the 380X’s de-scintillation filter that removes atmospheric effects to reveal fine details otherwise hard to detect;
  • Multiple Video Management: This feature allows operators to view multiple video sources simultaneously, including all camera payloads, plus external video input;
  • New User Interface: Operators can now navigate menus with customisable icon-based graphics to expedite inputs when needed;
  • Improved Targeting: The upgrade’s Moving Target Indicator (MTI) helps identify threats earlier and more definitively. Future enhancement includes augmented reality overlays to identify friendly positions and no fire/restricted fire areas;
  • Augmented Reality (coming Q2-2021): Future AR mapping overlays will improve situational awareness, depicting missions in the live environment, increasing user understanding and expediting better, smarter decisions.

Star SAFIRE gimbal systems provide image stabilisation and ultra-long-range imaging performance for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), search and rescue (SAR), border patrol, maritime patrol, force protection, and forward observation missions.

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