Herstal, a designer and manufacturer of small calibre firearms and integrated weapon systems, recently invested in the creation of its own clean-room production line for Surface Mounted Devices to guarantee availability of these elements that are critical for the development and production of its weapon systems such as deFNder Land and Sea Remote Weapon Stations. This additional production capability meets the Belgian Company’s continuous need for reliable supplies of small to medium series of PCBAs made to the highest production standards, with total quality control for absolute confidence, which was difficult to find.

The production line, located in the main FN Herstal manufacturing facility near Liege (Belgium) has been operating successfully full time for a year, meeting the needs of the company’s own R&D and manufacturing departments. The line, which is lead-free, electrostatic discharge safe, and meets EU health and safety regulations, is capable of small, medium and large production runs. It can deal with high levels of production changes and variability of components.

The production line has now reached cruising speed and FN Herstal has started to offer production of components for third parties. Manufacturers in fields such as defence, aerospace, automobile, rail, medical instruments, nuclear, to name just a few, have extremely stringent requirements similar to those for which the production line was set up.  They often also prefer to have a supplier based in Europe.

The reliability of the units manufactured is ensured by modern state-of-the-art equipment for both production and highly detailed quality control. With this production line, and its expertise in Surface Mounted Devices FN Herstal can offer a variety of valuable services, including design-to-order of circuit boards, production of small, medium and large quantities of components guaranteed to the highest standards of quality, traceability thanks to serial numbered parts, and fully predictable availability from a European source.

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