KADEX 2024 Banner 728x90Belgium-based FN Herstal has unveiled a new version of its FN MINIMI light machine gun (LMG). It is the most widely used NATO calibre LMG, being the standard weapon in many armed forces worldwide, including several NATO members. FN Herstal constantly adapts its products to align with evolving user requirements, ensuring that they always retain peak combat effectiveness. One requirement that is increasingly being expressed is for sufficient rail space to allow in- line mounting of optics.

The FN MINIMI is often fitted with an optical sight mounted on a rail that is integral with the feed cover. However, it is difficult to mount two optics in-line on the current rail. Configurations of both the FN MINIMI 5.56 Mk3 and FN MINIMI 7.62 Mk3 have been introduced with a long rail feed cover (23 slots).

The one-piece rigid top rail gives sufficient rail length to mount two optics in-line. For example, a non-magnifying day optic with a magnifier, or a day optic with a night vision optic. Mounting both optics on a single rail provides reliable assembly and ensures greater accuracy.

The standard adjustable rear iron sight has been replaced by a flip-up non-adjustable rear sight for back-up use. A cover retaining latch holds the feed cover open during loading, unloading and clearing actions to counter the weight of the optics. This ensures that handling is equally safe and easy with or without optics fitted. These modifications give the user a valuable added capability that can make a real difference in current operational conditions.


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