a Utopian world of military simulation, every aspect of future operations would be rehearsed on devices replicating each piece of equipment in use, from rifles through to ships and aircraft. All of these would then be connected in real time so that the entire joint force could be realistically interacting in various simulators and laboratories without an actual shot being fired or a litre of jet fuel being burned.

Entirely synthetic missions lasting days or even weeks could be conducted, then analysed and remedial training undertaken without lives being risked – and with personnel fully engaged, stressed and committed using realistic graphics and effects. The need for physical exercises will continue, but these will be greatly enhanced by the increased use of simulation.

Such a comprehensive system would save money overall – but the most important benefits would be in improving the performance of everyone involved and maintaining the enthusiasm of personnel for a career in the military.

In essence, this is what JP 9711 seeks to do. Prime contractor Lockheed Martin Australia with partners NEC Australia and Calytrix Technologies signed the contract to deliver the first phase of the Core Simulation Capability in March 2019 and have been making steady progress in developing the architecture of the complete system, which will start to go online next year.

The project is a multi-phased activity designed to provide the ADF with a dedicated network to be able to conduct Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training. It needs to be physically rolled out to the major training centres in Australia, including some of the main exercise areas and ranges, for all three services. The concept is to connect all relevant platforms to constitute a virtual force. Lockheed Martin Australia’s Business Development Lead, David Fallon explained: “Live training is with soldiers in the field – and to that has to be added the Virtual part, namely all of the simulators, whether they be tanks, aircraft or ships. The Constructive element is real people using actual command and control systems but with forces that exist only on a map or in the digital space.

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