APDR March 2020: Future Infantry Fighting Vehicles to pack a punch

No matter whether Hanwha or Rheinmetall are successful in LAND 400 Phase 3, the new Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) have similar solutions for weapons to meet Defence requirements. This, in turn, is partly to achieve a level of commonality with the Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRVs) in the form of the Rheinmetall Boxer 8×8. Asked to spell out exactly what was asked for, Defence explained:

Defence is seeking opportunities to reduce the whole of life costs in both the acquisition and sustainment phases of LAND 400 Phase 3. Defence will pursue feasible opportunities to leverage commonality between the LAND 400 Phase 3 tendered solutions and…

Read more in the current issue of APDR (Free to read with registration or via Facebook/Linkedin): https://venturaapdr.partica.online/apdr/apdr-march-2020/features/future-infantry-fighting-vehicles-to-pack-a-punch

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