GE to Support Royal Navy Type 45 Fleet Update to Enhance Its Power Resilience

  • GE’s Service Contract is Part of the UK Ministry of Defence’s Power Improvement Project
  • GE Will Supply New Electrical System Hardware, Update the Power and Propulsion Automation System and Integrate the High-Voltage Electrical System

RUGBY, ENGLAND – 11 June – As part of the UK Ministry of Defence’s Power Improvement Project (PIP), GE’s Marine Solutions has recently been chosen by BAE Systems to provide a number of marine electrical solutions to support the delivery of additional power generation to the Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyers and enhance the fleet’s power system resilience.

The PIP will see BAE Systems and its partners replace the existing two diesel generators with larger units, fitting an additional larger diesel generator and modifying the high-voltage system on each ship.

GE’s Marine Solutions is contracted to update the electrical power management system on each destroyer to integrate the new generator sets and their power requirement by supplying hardware, including a new high-voltage switchboard, diesel generator neutral earth resistor, battery charger, automatic voltage regulator cubicle and additional automation outstations. In addition, GE will be responsible for power system modelling, updating the power and propulsion automation system, the integration and commissioning of the high-voltage electrical system, and the provision of integrated logistic support data.

“Extreme environmental and operational challenges have made naval vessels drivers of advanced maritime technology. Solutions need to be both highly efficient, resilient and survivable. Meeting these demands goes to the heart of the Royal Navy Type 45 Power Improvement Project,” said Laurence Ellis, Head of Type 45 Power Improvement. “We trust in GE’s deep domain expertise in the electrical space, whether in power and propulsion systems or power management. We believe this partnership, along with many other excellent partners, will deliver the right solution to the Royal Navy.”

“Navies are seeing growing power demands to both achieve propulsion speeds and power energy-intense defence systems onboard vessels. At GE, we look at the ship’s architecture as a complete power network, managing demand and supply in a more efficient and reliable way. We are proud to be chosen by the Royal Navy and BAE Systems to provide naval services to one of the United Kingdom’s most advanced air defence warships,” said Andy McKeran, general manager, GE’s Marine Solutions.

Thanks to the update service being executed by GE, the ships will meet new power system requirements, such as the ability to generate and effectively utilise more electrical power, serving the ship’s operational requirements and the increasing power demands on board. As there is limited space on the existing vessels, GE’s electrical solutions comprise the ideal technology to integrate the new system with a minimized footprint and impact on the existing systems.

“Our electrification expertise in both defence and commercial marine sectors, and our proven power and propulsion capability, make us well placed to deliver power improvements to meet the Royal Navy requirements. We look forward to working with BAE Systems and other partners in delivering updates to the Type 45 destroyers,” said Azeez Mohammed, president & CEO, GE’s Power Conversion business.

Globally, GE’s Marine Solutions has an impressive naval heritage. For nearly 50 years, GE has been a marine electrical power, propulsion and support specialist, with nearly 100 electric and hybrid drive references that empower global navies.




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