Growth in Australian Sovereign Capability as Navantia Designates Australia Class Manager for Hobart Class Family

13 February 2018

Navantia S.A. has designated Navantia Australia as the Class Manager for the Hobart Class family of warships. The announcement represents a significant milestone in the development of the sovereign capability of Navantia Australia and strengthens Australia’s naval shipbuilding credentials.

“This decision is the largest, most valuable transfer of intellectual property that I am aware of in the history of Australian defence industry,” said Warren King, chairman of Navantia Australia. “This transfer means that the design of the Hobart Class and its future developments will all be managed from Australia. This includes the F-5000 we are offering as Australia’s future frigate, as well as export variants.”

The designation is a recognition of Navantia Australia’s growing design capability and of the success of the Hobart Class build, the latest in the F-100 family, said José Esteban Garcia Vilasanchez, chairman of Navantia S.A.

“We are able to make this designation due to the success of the technology transfer of the Hobart Class and the over one million hours of effort which went into adapting the F-100 design for Australian requirements,” Mr Vilasanchez said. “The fact that Navantia Australia now has the management and development responsibility for the Hobart Class family of vessels is a significant milestone in the development of Navantia as a global company.”

The local development of the Hobart Class design offers substantial opportunities for Australian industry, Mr King said.

“Having the responsibility for the management and development of the Hobart Class family in Australia means we have greater ability to incorporate local technologies. Navantia Australia is already providing a global export for Australian companies: Australian technology is onboard ships we are currently building in Spain and is central to our bid for the Canadian Surface Combatant, where we have partnered with Saab Australia and CEA Technologies.”

“Being the class manager for the Hobart Class family will only increase these opportunities for Australian industry,” Mr King concluded.

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