Hanwha Defense Australia (HDA) is extremely appreciative of the opportunity to showcase the world’s Latest IFV to the Australian Army. The recent announcement of HDA being successfully selected to attend the competitive LAND 400 Phase 3 RMA is a humbling one and a great responsibility; HDA will strive to deliver a capability worthy of the Australian Army.

Our journey to this point has been characterised by providing a high level of responsiveness and service to the customer. The Redback IFV technologies originate from countries where capabilities are needed to defeat constant real-world threats. Our approach to service is further augmented by the fact that many of the Hanwha team have family members who have served or are currently serving in our various vehicle technologies. It is with this in mind that we will approach our delivery to the Australian Army during the RMA period.

The Redback IFV is a fifth-generation combat vehicle for the Royal Australian Infantry characterised around a design to fight and win against peer competitors. The Redback is a vehicle which has been purpose built to meet the requirements for the Australian user.

Recognising that the solider system lies at the heart of this vehicle the Redback has integrated active protection systems, comfortable space for eight Australian Infantry dismounts, rubber tracks to improve ride quality and significant additional growth margins to accommodate additional upgrades and as much kit as the Infantry soldier requires. The Iron Vision see-through-armour system will be a game changer for Army; allowing crew and section commanders to have an unobstructed clear 360 degree view from within the vehicle to the outside.

The turret system comes already integrated with the Iron Fist Active Protection System, the Spike Missile, WINBMS and TORC2H.

If successful in RMA the Redback will be produced in Victoria. It is Hanwha’s intent to integrate Australian Industry into our broader Global Supply Chain and commence supporting upcoming orders for the Redback.

Hanwha remains committed to the LAND 8116 Protected Mobile Fires Program by providing the newest version of K9, the ‘Huntsman’ to be assembled in Geelong. Integrating our production facility to manufacture both Redback IFV and Huntsman SPH will result in cost and schedule efficiencies for the Commonwealth, noting that both platforms share commonality.

Hanwha and the Redback Team stand ready to bring the world’s newest IFV to Australian shores in 2020.


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