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As part of the German Armed Forces’ “Timber Express 2023” exercise, sensor solution provider HENSOLDT has connected several flying platforms via data link and networked them with modern information systems. Using the EUA OPTARION mission support system, situational information could be reliably communicated between the NH90 and TIGER helicopters and other platforms such as the Tornado multi-role combat aircraft and the 2000 self-propelled howitzer without any changes to the aircraft. For the first time, the data was also continuously synchronised with the Bundeswehr’s new command information system.

“With the mission support system, we are able to integrate both existing and new platforms into the armed forces’ digital command and control network without any changes to the aircraft,” says Alex Irmscher, programme manager for ground stations at HENSOLDT. “We are working continuously with the Army Air Corps and the German Air Force to further advance command and control capabilities in the area of airborne systems and anchor them operationally alongside exercises.”

The advantages that the EUA OPTARION offers its users were successfully demonstrated for the third time as part of “Timber Express 2023”. As a link between reconnaissance and operational elements, relevant data could be communicated digitally along the sensor-to-effector chain. This interaction forms the basis for efficient command and control and the deployment of armed forces in an interoperable information and communication network.


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  1. Doesn’t the German Government realise that the NH90 and Tiger Helios are unreliable and unsafe to fly.. ? Or do their Armed Forces actually do the upgrades and modifications necessary. Unlike some I could name. This is actual proof that both Helios are airworthy and safe. Too bad ours didn’t come with a made in U.S.A. Sticker if they had I bet their wouldn’t be a problem .


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